Action Teams are formed by a person or group of people that identify a social justice topic on which they want to focus. These teams are somewhat dynamic and are created and discontinued based on current events and issues. The following is a description of the current or recent action teams:

Demonstrating Our Values through Eating (DOVE)
Promotes eating a more plant-based diet and reducing and eliminating eating animal products. Focused on raising awareness of the health, moral and environmental concerns of factory farming. Chair Amie Hamlin: or 631-525-3650.

Environmental Interests Circle

Has a mission to support one another in developing sustainable habits and to provide information and resources to learn about how to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. Carol Whitlow

Health Care Reform
Working towards changing New York State and national laws to provide healthcare for all people. Currently focusing on getting Single Payer Healthcare passed in the New York State Legislature. Chair Rebecca Elgie: or 607-272-0621

Peace and Veterans Affairs
Provides assistance and advocacy for veterans. Advocates for policies and laws promoting peace and keeping our country from entering into military action to resolve the world’s problems. Chair Jim Murphy: or 607-319-0980.

Sanctuary, Migrants, & Farmworkers

Works with other congregations and organizations to mitigate challenging situations for migrant workers and families. Chair: Jackie Jablonski

Racial Interest Group
Interested in engaging with issues of race, racism, and anti-racism? Curious about the history or current events with regard to these issues and what you might do to help make a more anti-racist society? Contact Beth Howard to be added to the monthly meetings taking place at FUSIT, or add yourself to the “Race Interest Group” tag in Breeze.

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