The Social Justice Leadership Team (SJLT) exists to inform the congregation about important social and humanitarian needs and issues and to provide avenues for constructive service and action. 

SJC Action Teams are formed by a person or group of people who identify a social justice topic on which they want to focus. These teams are somewhat dynamic and are created and discontinued based on current events and issues. The following is a description of the current or recent action teams:

  • Demonstrating Our Values through Eating (DOVE): Promotes eating a more plant-based diet and reducing and eliminating eating animal products. Focused on raising awareness of the health, moral and environmental concerns of factory farming. Amie Hamlin: or 631-525-3650.
  • Environmental Interests Circle: Has a mission to support one another in developing sustainable habits and to provide information and resources to learn about how to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. Contact Matt Franke-Singer
  • Health Care Reform: Working towards changing New York State and national laws to provide healthcare for all people. Currently focusing on getting Single Payer Healthcare passed in the New York State Legislature. Contact Judy Jones
  • Sanctuary, Migrants, & Farmworkers: Works with other congregations and organizations, primarily through Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance, to mitigate challenging situations for migrant workers and families. Contact Jackie Jablonski
  • Your action team here!


A central aspect of Unitarian Universalism is to restore balance to our community and the world. This translates to a firm commitment to social justice action, which traces back to our principles. Because every person is sacred and there is an interdependent web of all existence, we cannot turn away from injustice.

Our justice work is more than just learning and sharing information. We aim to transform the world — and ourselves in the process. Social justice is woven throughout all of our programs, from religious education to worship to events. Our church leaders make programming and financial decisions based on our commitment to social justice.

You are invited to join in this mission. Transform yourself, as you transform the world. Visit our Volunteer Page for current social justice (and general FUSIT) volunteer opportunities.