Services are normally held at 10:30 AM in the Church Sanctuary at 306. N. Aurora Street, Ithaca, NY. We look forward to being able to gather for in-person worship with you again soon.

Until further notice, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FUSIT Sunday worship will be only online on our website at 10:30am. Please join us for some time of connection, reflection, music, poetry, and inspiration.

The theme of “Deep Listening”

Sunday, October 18 – Rev. Margaret Weis
“Learning How to Listen”
– What does it mean to listen deeply – to the world, to our yearnings, to each other? How can we approach listening deeply as a spiritual practice at this time in our lives?

Sunday, October 25 – Rev. Margaret Weis
“Feeding the Wolves”
– How do we listen deeply to the conflicted emotions within us and in this divided world? What does this say about our capacity for love, growth, and change? How do we impact the world in the ways we want?

The theme of “Healing”

Sunday, November 1 – Rev. Margaret Weis
Hearts Breaking Open” – As we grapple with the challenges of our current lives, let us reflect on how our hearts have been broken open to create space for new possibility. What is the difference between a heart breaking and a heart breaking open? How is breaking open a way toward healing?

Sunday, November 8 – Rev. Margaret Weis
“Healing the World: a Reflection on Tikkun Olam” – In the Jewish tradition, the term “tikkun olam” refers to the healing of the world. As our
country moves forward from the recent election, we will reflect on what healing looks like and how community gathers together in the face of big challenges.

Sunday, November 15 – Rev. Margaret Weis and Peaches Gillette “Relationship and Healing: A Dialogue on Race” – Our relationships can be a source of harm and of healing, depending on how we are in them. Join us for an interracial dialogue between Rev. Margaret and Peaches Gillette as
they explore together what it means to be in relationship across racial differences.

Sunday, November 22 – Rev. Margaret Weis
“Truth, Healing, and Cranberry Sauce: A Thanksgiving Service”
– In our annual Thanksgiving service, we will reflect about the untrue stories we’ve been taught over the years, the true stories we haven’t been taught, and the ways that ideas, concepts, and even recipes need to be tweaked sometimes.

Sunday, November 29 – Ministers from the Central New York Cluster
“Gratitude as Healing”
– This service will feature the ministers from congregations in Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Oneonta, Cortland, Watertown, and Athens, PA as we reflect on the power of gratitude to heal us in challenging times.