What is Hazel’s Back Yard?

Hazel’s Back Yard is a place of natural beauty owned by The First Unitarian Society of Ithaca. It was deeded to us by Hazel M. Hauck in 1964, an active member in the Society. The Back Yard is a sacred trust and there are certain policies in place to maintain it as a natural area. Members and friends of The First Unitarian Society of Ithaca can visit this site as a place of quiet contemplation and we can have our own cremated remains, and those of our loved ones, placed at this spot. The Hazel’s Back Yard Committee is in charge of maintaining the property and reporting any concerns to the Board of Trustees.

Where is Hazel’s Back Yard?

It is located on Twin Glens Road, a public road off of Cayuga Heights Road in the Village of Lansing. There is a large rock on the left side of the road which highlights the entrance path to Hazel’s Back Yard. You’ll find a plastic container behind the rock which contains maps and copies of the HBY brochure.

What is the current procedure for having ashes placed in Hazel’s Back Yard?

Members can register with the Church Administrator in the main office. The use of Hazel’s Back Yard, a nameplate on Hazel’s Back Yard Memorial Plaque, and inclusion in the Memorial Book carry a fee of $150. Hazel’s Back Yard is the spiritual reminder of the person and the nameplate on the Memorial Plaque is the visual reminder. Information about organizing and planning for the end of life can be done through the Minister and the Ithaca Memorial Society.

What is the Committee planning?

The Hazel’s Back Yard Committee would like to see the area made into a more user-friendly place and that is where the Committee needs ideas and suggestions. Right now, Hazel’s Back Yard is a lovely wooded area, but it is wild and not clearly marked. Visions have been proposed of a circular path with benches along it so that members and friends could visit the Back Yard and enjoy the wild in a more structured format. Also, to make the “entrance” more visible, it has been proposed that a wooden trellis structure be erected midway along the Twin Glens Road so that visitors can easily identify the property.

How can you help?

The Committee is always looking for help to decide how to maintain the property and to actually do the work needed. If you would like to volunteer you may call the church office at 607-273-7521 (ext. 21) or email cadmin@uuithaca.org.

Current Hazel’s Back Yard Memorials

Walter C. Muenscher, 1891-1963

Minnie W. Muenscher, 1894-1983

Hazel M. Hauck, 1900-1964

Glenn W. Hedlund, 1909-1976

Helen H. Hedlund, 1911-1993

Myron Slade Kendrick, 1894-1980

Louise Perrine Frost, 1892-1985

Frances E. MacDaniels, 1891-1986

Lawrence H. MacDaniels, 1888-1986

Edward Albert Lutz, 1910-1987

Max Schwartz, 1913-1990

Nita Collier Kendrick, 1898-1993

Bart Conta, 1914-1993

Dr. Joseph Nesbitt Frost, 1890-1994

Warren Wadsworth Currier, 1923-1996

Lois D. King, 1934-1998

Madeline O’Connell Lutz, 1912-1998

Richard H. Thorn, 1928-1999

Barbara B. Schwartz, 1919-2000

Mary B. Wood, 1914-2000

James L. Gulledge, 1932-2001

Terrace D. Pratt, 1910-2003

David Allee, 1931-2003

Elizabeth M, Wien, 1941-2005

Claire Conta, 1919-2005

Catherine A. (Nan) Howard, 1915-2005

Harriet L. Budke, 1926-2007

Donna Schwaiger Hall, 1950-2007

Mary S. Jaffe, 1917-2009

Marcia Alice Wilber 1918 – 2009

Natalie Basford Fancher, 1914-2009

John A. Taylor, 1931-2011

Brainard Fancher, 1914-2014

Betty Robinson Postle, 1925-2015

William D Pardee, 1929-2016

Martha Ladd Allee, 1932-2016

Linda S Folley, 1959-2016

Mark Pedersen, 1958-2018

Barbara Pardee, 1933-2018

Constance Currier 1924 – 2019

Patricia Grace Court 1955 – 2020

James Edward Skaley 1943- 2023