September 8, 2022

Due to a confluence of events last Fall: grieving and healing from the resignation of Rev. Margaret and recovery from the short tenure resignation of Rev. Tony, the Board of Trustees needed to make several decisions to bring stability and resilience to our church. Our leadership model has been very dependent on a singular, full-time minister for both managing operations and the spiritual guidance of our congregation.  Our Partnership Governance model established the minister as the “Partner” with the member-elected Board to run the church. Without the minister partner, the Board needed to construct new bridges with staff and teams for last year’s operations.  As the year unfolded, we learned yet again that the strength of our community is you, our members. Many of our congregation teams, in collaboration with dedicated staff, created a pathway of inspiring Sunday Celebrations and strategies for gathering safely back in our Sanctuary.

To identify a pathway forward, the Board connected with the UUA and with you through congregation conversations. The Board learned from the UUA that for 2022 and the near future there were few settled ministers in search and fewer interims in 2022 and the prospects for the immediate future looked dim.  While this was not great news, it alerted the Board that we needed to think outside the box to create operations systems without a singular, full-time minister, as described in our Partnership Governance Policies.  And without a UUA minister pool to draw from, the Board created a Ministry Fulfillment Committee with the freedom to investigate other wells of talent to provide spiritual leadership for our congregation.

We are pleased to report the results of that work and our pathway for governance and spiritual support for the coming year. CLICK HERE to learn about the new governance structure. 

FUSIT Org Chart

Teams and Committees

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