During the summer of 2016, the Board and the Policy Development Group worked on Partnership Governance to prepare our Society to begin this new form of governance in September 2016.

Overview of Partnership Governance

Over the summer of 2016, Board of Trustee president Laura Free issued three updates to the Society.

The first installment discusses how we decided to move to Partnership Governance and the timeline under which we will adopt this new system.

The second installment highlights the essence of this system of governance — Partnership — and how that is reflected in the organizational structure we will be evolving towards this year.

The third installment covers how the Board will develop policies and direct planning for the future.

2016-17 Partnership Governance Activity

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, our Board President, Laura Free, gave an introductory but comprehensive presentation on Partnership Governance. To see the slide presentation, please CLICK HERE.

The Board has been working on the Board Policy Book which is a guide to how staff and members can best work within this new governance structure. To view the policy book, please download it here.