Adult Religious Exploration


8:45 am - 10:30 am

Adult Religious Exploration
Sunday, March 5, at 9 am in the Annex

(coffee available at 8:45 am)

Grant Farred is a Professor at the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell. He has written on a range of subjects including race, politics, sports, and the formation of intellectuals. His most recent book is about Ukraine: The Zelensky Method (Westphalia Press 2022).

Professor Farred will review the current situation in Ukraine, and argue that the primary responsibility for liberating Ukraine from Putin must begin with the Russian people, such as those Russian soldiers who form the “Free Russia Legion”, a group of Russian fighters supporting the Ukrainian forces. The Free Russia Legion is a combat group composed of Russians so opposed to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that they have been willing to take up arms against their own country. Their goal is to repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine and ultimately depose the Putin regime.