Preschool and Preschool-Aged Program

Early childhood is filled with curiosity and wonder. Infant care is provided every Sunday by trained professional staff. Our preschool curriculum, “Chalice Children,” offers a group setting with loving adult guides, where children can develop their openness to sharing, and experience the benefit of supportive community. Preschoolers practice listening skills and working together using song and play.

Lower Elementary Classes – Ages 6-9     

Lower Elementary students enhance existing skills in working cooperatively and developing relationships as a part of a loving community, through our classes, “World of Wonder” (1st-2nd) and “Love Will Guide Us” (3rd-4th). As young readers, children will be encouraged to explore their surroundings and express themselves through words and other artistic media.

Upper Elementary Classes – Ages 9-12

Fostering an awareness of social justice and compassion for others is the focus of our UUA curriculum, “Sing to the Power” (5th-6th). These older children are encouraged to practice new leadership skills in a safe, supportive community. Confronting structures of injustice with compassion and the transforming nature of love, they find their own power, and how it can help them to be leaders.



The first Sunday of every month is the Children’s Chapel.