After thoughtful discussion, the board has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Recycle Sale. Given our current understanding of the concerns about spreading the COVID-19 virus, we unanimously felt this decision was necessary to protect the health and safety of all those who volunteer and come to shop during the sale.

Deciding to “postpone” the sale until August of 2021 was not easy. The sale embodies our FUSIT values and mission on many levels. We depend on the Recycle Sale to balance our yearly budget and fund our congregational life. As a congregation we will need to fill the financial gap left as a result of the sale not being possible in 2020. In addition, many of you participate in the Recycle Sale as department leaders, volunteers, donors, and shoppers. Working together on a large scale project builds community in unique ways. We fully expect each of you will step forward to share your time, energy and expertise in new ways as we navigate the months ahead.

We regret the sale isn’t possible at a time when many in our community are experiencing financial hardship and may be relying more on sales such as the Recycle Sale. As a board we value FUSIT’s service to people in our community and are concerned about those who rely on this event for household items, clothing and other things. With our Recycle Sale on hold, we will use that space on our website to share information about ways items can be safely donated to/acquired from local organizations this summer.

We thank everyone who shared their views on streamlining the Recycle Sale earlier this year and look forward to its re-awakening next summer. We are cautiously excited about the (yet-to-be-identified) new fundraising possibilities this situation will force us to engage in, and look forward to benefiting from the congregation’s ideas and energy.