SERVICES at 10:30 AM in the Sanctuary

December’s Worship focuses on the theme of “Wonder”

For the Soul Matters “Wonder” materials, click below:

December 2-23: Side with Love Collection

For the month of December, we will be gathering warm items for the local charity REACH. Bring your scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, or socks with you on Sunday and place them in the baskets handed around during the first hymn. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, let’s spread the warmth this holiday season!

December 2nd – “What is a Miracle?” – Rev. Margaret Weis

In this Hannukkah-themed service, we will reflect together on the story of a miracle that comes from the Jewish tradition. Join us for a service of music, word, and reflection on an ancient story of a miracle and what that menas for our lives today.

Special Music by FUSIT Choir and Klezmer Band

December 9th – “Vulnerability and Wonder, and New Member Welcome” – Rev. Margaret Weis

They say that growth is only possible outside our comfort zone. What does this mean as we reflect on wonder and how we open oursleves to it? Is vulnerability a requirement to be part of, and experience, wonder?

Special Music by Zachary Sweet, cello

December 16th – “The Choice of Kindness” – Rev. Margaret Weis

It has been said that we should always, always choose kindness. Many times that choice is easy, but other times it is difficult. Together we will reflect on how we can bring more kindness into the world, even when it’s hard.

Special Music by the Finger Lakes Flutes

December 16th @ 7:00 PM – “Quiet Christmas Service” – Rev. Margaret Weis, Jennifer Streid-Mullen

In a service of candlelight, silence, reflection,  and quiet community you are welcome to bring your burdens and lay them down. Enter into this place of comfort and community during an otherwise busy holiday season.

Special Music by Stephanie Ortolano

December 21st @ 6:30 PM – “Winter Solstice Service”

Our celebration is an interactive, non-traditional, and creative celebration to mark the turn of the year and the beginning of a new one.

December 23rd – “Wonder-Filled Chaos –Multigenerational No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant” – Rev. Margaret Weis

Sometimes approaching life with wonder means letting go of control. In this service about the wonder of spontaneity, we will retell the story of a baby born in a chaotic time and the ways that love shows up when we least expect it.

Special music by Barry Low, Accordion

December 24th @ 5:15 and 8:00 PM – Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at Sage Chapel

Join us as we celebrate the possibility of love and hope overcoming fear and violence. In this Christmas Eve service of music, story, candlelight, and gratitude we life up our hearts in celebration.

Special music at 5:15 by FUSIT Choir and at 8:00 by Shuhan Family

December 30th – “Participative Carol Sing” – Stephanie Ortolano

Possible Ponderings

-Where have you seen or experienced a miracle this week? What feels like it has come as a welcomed surprise to you lately?

Preform three random acts of kindness this week. What did that feel like?

-What is one thing you could try that would push you outside your comfort zone this week?

-How are you making room for love to enter in?