Summer services at 9:30 AM in the Church Parlor at 306. N. Aurora Street, Ithaca, NY

Summer Services

FUSIT will again be holding Summer Celebrations at 9:30 AM from June 16th through September 1st. Life has a way of presenting challenges all year long.  Join us for this variety of presenters telling their stories on the theme of “coping”.

June 16 Fred Balfour, “Coping — What, Me Worry About Aging?” — Decho Ensemble- Saxophones

June 23  Nancy Miller “Coping: Reproductive Rights”   Jannine Willis piano

June 30  Magdalen Lindeberg  “Laughter in the Darkness“—Russ Posegate Piano

Magdalen will reflect on role of humor as a life-affirming and subversive force

July 7  Veronica Richter  “Comfort if Not a Cure

A story of finding identity and purpose, from a period of homelessness to a top law school.

July 14  Margaret Weis “Balancing Spirit, Mind, and Body

In living the human condition, we are faced with the daily challenge of finding balance in our minds, bodies, and spirits. Together we will reflect on how we might strike that balance, what helps keep us in line, and what to do when life knocks us off-course.

July 21  Bob Parks, “The Wisdom of Coping

Is coping the best we can do? Maybe

July 28 Molly Robbins  “Grow Through What You Go Through” — Matt White woodwinds

Coping with the seemingly un-copable; then finding post traumatic growth 

August 4 Andrew Quagliata, “Living Life after the Death of Someone You Love

August 11 Walt Peck  “Ithaca at Last”.

For what was Homer’s Odysseus searching? What lesson can we learn from his journey that can help us cope even today?

August 18th  Grand Recycling Sale

August 25  Janet Shortall-  “Savoring Joy: The Antidote to Just Surviving”–Emily DiAngelo – Oboe

September 1 Michelle Courtney Berry “Building Resiliency Despite Adversity