Services are held at at 10:30 AM in the Church Sanctuary at 306. N. Aurora Street, Ithaca, NY

November 2019

Nov. 3 – “How Does Memory Sustain You?” – Amelia Habicht & Rod Howe, Guest Speakers

Together we will explore the ways that our memories sustain us, lift us up, and hold us back. Lay leaders Rod and Amelia will offer reflections.

Special Music by the Savage Club Folk Group

Nov 10 – “Re-Membering” – Rev Margaret Weis, Minister

Often our memories are a puzzle with pieces from our own experience and the ones that others have shared with us. How are our memories influenced by our relationships and circumstances? Let’s explore this together.

Special Music by Burns and Kristy

Nov. 17 – “Heritage and Memory” – Rev Margaret Weis, Minister & Rev Bertschausen, Guest Speaker

Together we will reflect on the impact of international engagement and connection with Unitarians, Universalists, and UUs across the globe. What does it mean to be a partner congregation with our UU siblings across the globe? How can we live into our heritage and legacy through international engagement?

Special Music by the FUSIT Choir

Nov. 24 – “Shifting the Narrative” – Rev. Margaret Weis, Minister

For generations, we have been told a story about the first Thanksgiving that is skewed and inaccurate. Together we will imagine a different story and give thanks for the native land we call home.

Special music by the FUSIT Children’s Choir