SUMMER SERVICES at 9:30 AM in the Parlor begin June 17th


June 24  – “Contentment, Belonging, Love: From Personal Choice to Collective Liberation” – Megan Barber
We spend a lot of mental energy trying to feel content, wondering if we belong, and judging on a case by case basis who to extend our love to. But what if we make the decision to stop questioning our birthright to feel content, to belong, and to love? How would that decision free us up to work on creating the world we want to live in?
Special music by Women’s Works, variety


July 1 – “Hopeful Signs Within The Shifting Religious Landscape Of Millennials and Generation X and Z” – Rev. Janet Shortall
Milennials are making news these days continuing a downward trend of 25 years in stepping away from institutional religion. They are also much more liberal than older generations. Is there a connection between these trends?
Special music by Kurt Lichtman, vocalist


July 8 – “Faith-What Is That?” – Elton Hall
We often call UU a faith tradition. What does this mean? Just what is faith, anyway? We’ll explore how faith in many forms pervades our lives at many levels, and why our “faith tradition” is crucial to the world today.
Special music by Elena Galvan, soprano


July 15 – “Past and Future: the Importance of “And” – Sean Eversley Bradwell
This talk will explore the role of time – past and future – in our collective journey towards justice and equity. Consideration and framing will revolve around Dr. King’s famed quote, “the arc of the moral universe is long” within the context of “make America great again”.
Special music by Isaac Sharp, guitar


July 22 – “The Liminal Space” – Aileen Fitzke
Special music by Ross Hollow (folk/Americana duo)


July 29 – “We Are All Crickets” – Walt Peck
Religion is often framed as the search for the answers to the big questions of life. Maybe it is something simpler than that.
Special music by Carolyn Grossman, piano


August 5 – “Equal Footing: Our UU Principles in the Posthumanist” – David Salomon
Over the past two decades contemporary philosophers and historians have increasingly questioned the ethics, efficacy, and legacy of humanism. David Salomon will examine what this challenge to one of Unitarian Universalist seven sources means and what surprising opportunities it presents to our liberal religion.
Special music by Savage Club, vocals


August 12 – “Reflections From Minister Search” – Don Barber
Grateful of our Past, Grasping where we are, and Envisioning our Future.
Special music by Noam & Miryam Ginsparg – strings


August 19 – RECYCLE SALE (no service)


August 26 “- Being Present with the Past” – Rod Howe
We are often encouraged to live in the present moment. How might we do that while also being present with and honoring the past?
Special music by Zachary Sweet, cello


September 2 – “Two Personal Heroes” – John Gaines
Although I believe that the word “hero” has been vastly over-used in recent times, the concept of personal hero has deep meaning for me. I will introduce you to two of my personal heroes and talk about the impact they had in my formative years and continue to have in my life. Come meet Rev. John T. Walker and Dr. Samuel B. Ross, Jr., as I remember them.
Special music by Samuel Smith, piano