Sunday Services are held in person at 10:30 am (306 N. Aurora Street). Everyone must be masked during services and must sign in upon arrival. Registration is not required for Sunday services. Join us after service for Coffee Hour for a time of connection. Everyone should remain masked for the first ten minutes, until coffee is served, at which point those who feel comfortable doing so may remove their masks for the duration of Coffee Hour.

All Sunday Services will also be Live Streamed from the sanctuary on our YouTube Channel. If you are unable to attend in person, we would love for you to join us virtually! Just click on the link above each Sunday at 10:30 am (or you can watch it later at your convenience). Our services feature inspiring words, music, and stories exploring themes in a multigenerational context. We are excited to welcome you! Information about upcoming services is listed below. View Past Services.


May Worship Services
The theme for May is “Nurturing Beauty” and the Celebrations Team is looking forward to speakers whose voices can help us to explore this theme as individuals and as a community:

May 1, “Finding Light Within the Darkness”
Speaker Peaches Gilette

Peaches Gillette is an educator, an ordained chaplain, and a published poet. She has worked with battered women, veterans, the mentally disabled, and the incarcerated. She currently sits on the Tompkins County Human Rights Commission and served as a Tri-chair of the Eastern Southern Tier of the Poor People’s Campaign. Her most
transformative education occurred by experiencing the harshness of racism she faced as a child growing up in Brooklyn, and by being raised by a mother who did not allow the ugliness of racism to diminish her sense of peace, her love of others, or her faith.

May 8, “The Piano: A Symbol of love. Is what you think as true really true? ”
Speaker Regi Carpenter

In this original story, a young girl finds the redemptive power of a mother’s love.

May 15, “Reflections on time spent at the Shambhala Buddhist meditation retreat center Karmê Chöling”
Speaker Valerie Graves

Valerie has spent most of her adult career working with young children in Montessori classrooms and supporting their parents as they grow into their role as caregivers and guides. She is also a musician, enjoying playing guitar and piano. She currently works as a committee secretary for JEDEC, an international standards organization for the memory industry, while also working part time as a program coordinator for Namaste Montessori School.

May 22, “True Joy: Reflecting on Purpose Unapologetically”
Speaker Nia Nunn

Looking forward to an opportunity to share, model, and encourage deep reflection on practicing our purpose and naming what brings us joy…on a daily basis. What daily practices remind you of your purpose? How often do you name and share your joy? With many life changes, such as ongoing pandemic uncertainty and a shifting racial consciousness paradigm, this sermon will invite listeners, thinkers, and feelers to engage in their own self-study.

May 29, “A Journey of Science and Faith”
Speaker Jonathan Lunine

My life has been one of passion for, and practice of, science. Some people find it surprising, then, that I also believe in God. In this brief sermon I will outline my journey to faith and why, for me, it was one of nurturing both science and faith and the beauty that connects them.