First Unitarian Society of Ithaca services are held in person Sundays at 10:30 am. We are located at the corner of Aurora St. and Buffalo St (306 N. Aurora Street). The church does not have a parking lot, but there is free parking on the nearby city streets on Sundays and the Town of Ithaca allows us to use their lot on Sundays (on Buffalo Street, directly across from the church).

Join us after service at Coffee Hour in the church parlor for a time of connection.

Sunday Services are also Live Streamed from the sanctuary on our YouTube Channel. If you are unable to attend in person, we would love for you to join us virtually! Just click on the link above each Sunday at 10:30 am (or you can watch it later at your convenience).

Our services feature inspiring words, music, and stories exploring themes in a multigenerational context. We are excited to welcome you! Information about upcoming services is listed below. View Past Services.


Sunday, March 3
“Transformation” Rev. Peaches Gilette, Preacher and Program Associate

I think of transformation from a personal perspective and note that it is not a single stop on our movement through life, but a series of stops as we grow from one stage of consciousness into another.
Personal transformation can occur because of a deep, individual experience or from a collective experience as a family, a community or a nation.
Special music by Stephanie Ortolano

Sunday, March 10
“Opening Up to Change”
Emily Richards, Director of Congregational Life

As human beings we thrive on routine and familiarity, too much change too fast can feel overwhelming, or even frightening. And yet, change is necessary to grow to flourish. How do we allow ourselves to open up to the transformation we need to undergo in order to prosper, both as individuals, and as a community? How do we openly embrace, and even actively seek, change, instead of closing ourselves off to the possibilities that it offers?
Special music by Will Tobin, piano

Sunday, March 17
“The Joy of Transformation”
Emily Richards, Director of Congregational Life

Just as seeds become flowers, eggs hatch into chicks, and caterpillars transform into butterflies, change can bring wonder and new beginnings. Join us for a multigenerational, interactive, and engaging exploration of the many gifts that transformation brings.
Special music by Stephanie Ortolano

Sunday, March 24
“Transformation” Rev. Peaches Gilette, Preacher and Program Associate

Throughout time, even ordinary people have helped transform history in order to create a safer, more just and equitable present. Together, let us remember them, but let us also remember that we too are ordinary people who can transform our world and the world of those around us.
Special music by FUSIT Choir

Sunday, March 31
“Death and Renewal”
Magdalen Lindeberg, FUSIT Member

Thoughts on the transformative significance of Easter
Special music by Stephanie Ortolano