Services are held at at 10:30 AM in the Church Sanctuary at 306. N. Aurora Street, Ithaca, NY

September 2019

Sept. 29 – Pulpit Swap! “Getting Out of Our Own Way” – Rev. James Galasinski

Culturally we are taught to look out for old Number One. Yet recent psychedelic experiments point to the experience of self-transcendence as a remedy for depression and anxiety. there is a depth of meaning found in transcending our individuality and feeling a larger sense of whole.

October 2019

Oct. 6 — “The Temple of Our Being” — Rev Margaret Weis

We often think about a temple or a sanctuary as a place with walls, and ceilings–a location. What if the sanctuary isn’t something that is, but something that happens? How do we create a temple of being?

Special Music by the UUUU and Friends

Oct. 13 — “Welcoming the Stranger” — Rev Margaret Weis

What do we need to know about a person before we see them as our kin, a fellow being, or a person worthy of our care? How do we practice radical hospitality and welcome those we do not yet know?

Special Music by Sue Smith, Piano

Oct. 20 — TBD — Rev. Margaret Weis

Special music by VOICES Multicultural Choir

Oct. 27 — “Safer Places–A Reflection on Sanctuary” — Rev. Margaret Weis

In striving to create a more just and safe world, we must also acknowledge the limits of that striving. We cannot guarantee that our words, actions or missteps will never harm another person. How do we grow in our understanding of this, learn from our mistakes, and do what we can to create safer places in our lives?

Special music by FUSIT Choir