First Unitarian Society of Ithaca

Sunday Services 10:30 am

Corner of Buffalo & Aurora St.

Ithaca, NY

Our mission is to create connections, find inspiration, and engage the world.

Message from the Minister

As we move into summer mode in our congregational life, I wish you a slower pace, sunshine,
plenty of time outdoors, and a chance to do something really fun. I hope you’ll continue to
participate in worship on Sunday mornings with your First Unitarian community. And may you
read something inspiring, or maybe a really good novel. Be sure to collect water from your travels
or your favorite local spot for the Water Communion service in September!
Here are the words I shared at the annual meeting:
This season on “Dancing with the Stars,” a deaf man won the competition. How can he dance
so well when he doesn’t even hear the music? He can feel the beat. He and his partner move
together because they are feeling the same beat.
I am a contra dancer, which is way different from the high-level ballroom dancing on “Dancing
with the Stars.” But the principle is the same. Many people dancing together, and it all flows and
is coordinated and feels good because we are all dancing to the same beat.
Congregational life is kind of like a dance. We’re trying to hear the music of a higher calling,
something that calls us to be our better selves. Sometimes we feel deaf to the music, but if we keep
coming to the dance, and engaging with our partners here at the First Unitarian Society of
Ithaca, we can find the beat.
I have been dancing with you for about a year now, and it has been a pleasure. I find you to be a
gracious dance partner. We haven’t stepped on each other’s toes too often. Sometimes I’ve taken
the lead and shown you new dance moves, and sometimes I’ve let you take the lead and show me
what you do well.
One way we can be transformed from many people dancing separately to a group of people
dancing together is to create a covenant. This is a way we can agree on how we want to be together
in community.
We are starting the process with a draft that gives us a starting point. You can find it in this
newsletter or on the website. Please provide your input, because a covenant needs to be created by
all the people in the community.
I look forward to another year of dancing together, as we experiment with ever new possibilities
of responding to the music of the highest form of Love.
Rev. Jane

Congregational Conversation "Results" from January 24th meeting

The Transition Team  comprised of  Nancy Miller, Carol Nickerson, Walt Peck, David Salomon and Sue Roenke hosted a meeting in the Annex after the social hour on Sunday, January 24, 2016.  Their presentation focused on the six areas that the congregation determined were important to look at in the interim years before we call the next settled minister.

To see that presentation, please CLICK HERE

For results from the brainstorming sessions and how that might be used CLICK HERE


Another of the purposes of this meeting was to give an initial presentation on Policy-Based Governance which the Board of Trustees is considering to help the Society be more efficient and responsive in the way it is governed.

 Board President Laura Free made the following presentation and to see that, please CLICK HERE

For more notes on Partnership (Policy-Based) Governance, please CLICK HERE

The next Board of Trustees Meeting

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 13 at 6 PM in the Parlor.  All interested persons are welcome to attend.



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