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Our mission is to create connections, find inspiration, and engage the world.

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Message from the Minister

February’s theme is Identity. As I think about my identity, I think of myself as female, straight, cisgender, white, not so young anymore but not really old yet. My identity includes my vocation as minister, though it is much more than that. I am an animal-lover, a contra dancer, a political and social liberal, and a sun worshipper.

An important part of my identity is as a Unitarian Universalist. I wonder how many of you identify as Unitarian Universalist? Do you see it as an integral part of who you are? How do we go from being someone who attends First Unitarian now and then to someone who claims a UU identity? Perhaps you’re one of the many who attend from time to time for years and never really commits. Or maybe you come fairly often on Sunday mornings and even get involved in a few other activities. Maybe you’re one of the folks who don’t come on Sundays at all, but are involved with the congregation in other ways. Or you could be very active in our local congregation, but don’t have a sense of belonging to something larger, something that extends across time and space with a purpose and a vision that can give meaning and purpose to our lives.

Unitarians and Universalists and UU’s have been affirming the inherent worth and dignity of everyone for centuries. We have been working for justice in many forms over the years, and and standing on the side of love since long before the phrase was coined. Though we are primarily a North American faith, we have affiliated groups across the globe. Belonging to this noble faith gives me an identity that includes all of that and more. Commitment grounds me in a community that connects me with something larger and something transcendent.

My sense of purpose flows more from my identity as a Unitarian Universalist than from any other aspects of my identity. I’m sure that the deeper your commitment to this faith, the more you’ll feel it too. We are Unitarian Universalists!

In faith,
Rev. Jane

Partnership Governance Documents

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, our Board President, Laura Free, gave an introductory but comprehensive presentation on Partnership Governance.  To see the slide presentation, please CLICK HERE.

The Board has been working on the Board Policy Book which is a guide to how staff and members can best work within this new governance structure.  To view the policy book, please CLICK HERE.

To ensure that the new Partnership Governance is in compliance with our Bylaws, we will need to modify the Bylaws at a specially called meeting which will occur on January 29, 2017 after the Sunday Celebration.  All members of the Society are encouraged to become familiar with the proposed changes and come to the meeting and vote.  To view the proposed changes, please CLICK HERE.

Congregational Conversation "Results" from January 24th meeting

The Transition Team  comprised of  Nancy Miller, Carol Nickerson, Walt Peck, David Salomon and Sue Roenke hosted a meeting in the Annex after the social hour on Sunday, January 24, 2016.  Their presentation focused on the six areas that the congregation determined were important to look at in the interim years before we call the next settled minister.

To see that presentation, please CLICK HERE

For results from the brainstorming sessions and how that might be used CLICK HERE


Another of the purposes of this meeting was to give an initial presentation on Policy-Based Governance which the Board of Trustees is considering to help the Society be more efficient and responsive in the way it is governed.

 Board President Laura Free made the following presentation and to see that, please CLICK HERE

For more notes on Partnership (Policy-Based) Governance, please CLICK HERE

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