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Benefit For Ithaca Welcomes Refugees

Event Date: 
Friday, 24 March 2017 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Benefit For Ithaca Welcomes Refugees  (Sponsored by the Social Justice Council)
Joe Crookston and Answer the Muse will be performing in a benefit concert for Ithaca Welcomes Refugees (IWR) at the First Unitarian Society.   

Please join us for an evening of amazing music, supporting Ithaca's efforts to welcome refugees into community, and into our country. All proceeds from the event will go to the efforts of IWR to help build our discretionary fund, to help refugees until they are self sufficient ,or in case of an emergency. Funds may cover expenses such as groceries, medical bills, transportation,  job training, household items that can not be donated, and much more.
The Doors will open at 6:30pm and the program will begin at 7pm with a welcome from our host, IWR’s Walaa Horan and Ithaca City Councilperson Ducson Nguyen, the son of a refugee family from Vietnam. Answer The Muse will begin the music portion – “”A multi-faceted soul affirming musical experience; more than a band, Answer the Muse moves and transforms you.”
During the break, Carlos Gutierrez will talk about his experience as an immigrant and  share his work with the unfair labor practices in our region with regard to immigrants. Closing out the evening is Joe Crookston, a nationally beloved singer and songwriter. Joe is a brother Ithacan who is a compassionate believer in Human Rights and taking care of refugees that are fleeing the violence of war. IWR is honored that he is participating in this benefit.
Our Closing will be at 9:30pm and all will have the opportunity to talk with IWR about volunteering.

Message from the Minister

As a college freshman, young Bobby made a point of making contact with all of his relatives who were alumni of his school during home basketball games. After one such game, realizing that he had only a ten-dollar bill and no change for the bus back to his fraternity house, he asked his older brother for a quarter.

“Why didn't you say you needed money!” Older Brother answered. “I remember how it was in college.” And he handed Bobby a ten-dollar bill.

Knowing that it was to his advantage not to make himself completely clear by explaining that the bus only took quarters, Bobby pocketed the money and looked around for another relative. Seeing his cousin, he asked, “Jim, do you have a quarter I can borrow for the bus?”

“Ah, yes,” Jim boomed knowingly, “the old college crunch.” He pulled out a five, turned to his wife, got a ten and slipped both bills into Bobby's hand.

Bobby, while very grateful to his family, decided not to press his luck. With $25 extra dollars in his pocket and no quarter for the bus, he walked home.

The student only needs a quarter. And apparently, he doesn’t even need a quarter that badly, since he is able to walk home after all. Of course he could use the money . . . and I’m sure he will put it to very good use.

He only needs a quarter, but the family members need to give him much more. They give generously because it fulfills a need within themselves; a need not just to appear generous, but to be generous, which is a spiritual need.

The family members see the financial need of the student as an opportunity to invest in someone with potential, someone they care about. In their generosity to the student, they are investing in something larger, something beyond themselves and their own needs and desires. They give because they believe in the potential of the young man, and they give because it feels good. These people obviously enjoy giving him their money. Fulfilling a spiritual need brings joy.

This church community is our extended family. It has a bright future and much potential. It also has a need for your money, but this need is not nearly as great as your need to give it.

We’re budgeting for the coming church year, and we’ll need to be sure we can not only cover expenses, but strive to build a greater community, to reach more people, to do more good in the world. Can you spare some money for the bus to help us get where we’re going? We only need a quarter.

In faith,
Rev. Jane

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Partnership Governance Documents

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, our Board President, Laura Free, gave an introductory but comprehensive presentation on Partnership Governance.  To see the slide presentation, please CLICK HERE.

The Board has been working on the Board Policy Book which is a guide to how staff and members can best work within this new governance structure.  To view the policy book, please CLICK HERE.

To ensure that the new Partnership Governance is in compliance with our Bylaws, we will need to modify the Bylaws at a specially called meeting which will occur on January 29, 2017 after the Sunday Celebration.  All members of the Society are encouraged to become familiar with the proposed changes and come to the meeting and vote.  To view the proposed changes, please CLICK HERE.

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