This page is for our Newcomers Inpsired Connected and Engaged Series, otherwise known as NICE. NICE invites both newcomers and non-members to join each other for four sessions of learning and discussion. During the course, topics include your own personal spiritual journey, spiritual traditions, what we do here at FUSIT, the history of Universal Unitarianism, and what it means for you to become a member of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca. The 4-class series is designed with you in mind and to inspire participants with our liberal faith, connect participants with new friends and new ideas, and engage with their spiritual self. NICE takes place on Sundays from 12:00 to 1:30 PM, directly after the service. Bring your lunch, explore UUism and share great conversation!

All non-members are welcome in NICE, whether you have been a Unitarian Universalist for life or have only just stepped through the doors. The session dates vary from year to year and registration is required. To register for for NICE, please contact the Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator at Each group has 8 members.

2019-2020 dates:


Interested? Participating? Here are the links to readings and videos that NICE explores throughout the sessions.

Session 1 Pre-reading

THEME: Your Spiritual Journey and an introduction to UU

Questions about UU Covenant: what do we promise one another?

Source: UUA

The seven principles


Unitarian Universalist Association Blog: Braver/Wiser

Our Unitarian Universalist Faith

Unitarians and Other Liberal Faiths in “Other Faiths” Traditions


This page has many, many graphs and charts showing the results of surveys of Unitarian Universalists and other members of Liberal Faiths. Wondering how much the average UU makes in a year? Wondering about gender distribution? Previous spiritual experiences? Immigrant status? Parental status? Marital Status? Just about anything else? Find it right here.

UU Demographic Data from the ARIS and FACT Surveys


Here’s another survey, but one exclusive to UU. This presentation was created by the UUA and is in the form of a PowerPoint.

Session 2 Pre-reading

THEME: The history of UU, Common UU Views, and Theme Question Discussion

Unitarian Universalist Origins:

Unitarian Universalist Origins: Our historic faith

UUA Principles & Purposes:

First Unitarian History:

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, sermon by Associate Minister Jen Crow (May 25, 2008): (You will need to scroll down to May 25.  An audio version of the sermon is there as well.)

Dictionary of UU Biographies

An article on UU’s long history with activism

Source: Boston Globe

Session 3 Pre-reading

THEME: A Taste of Small Group Ministry

Confessions of a Militant Mystic:  Spirituality and Social Action – A Seamless Garment,lecture by the Rev. Richard S. Gilbert, minister emeritus of 1st Unitarian:

Explore the FUSIT Website and Facebook Page

Our Mission and Vision at FUSIT

Listen to sermons “Many Waters, One Stream” and “Intentional Community”

Source: FUSIT, written and spoken by Rev. Margaret Weis

Session 4 Pre-reading

THEME: What is Membership to you?

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