The Village at Ithaca: Seats at the Table


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Village at Ithaca: Seats at the Table
Friday November 4 from 5 – 8 pm in the FUSIT parlor

The Antiracism Ministry Team will be hosting an exhibit of artistic creations by young people (ages 13+) from The Village at Ithaca who used their creativity, passion, and research skills to reclaim 13 found/used chairs and through decoupage, paint, and other techniques, transformed the chairs into the testimonials and depictions of the Black agents of freedom who came before them.

The chairs serve as an accessible metaphor for reworking biased systems in the pursuit of providing, protecting, and nurturing all people so… seats at the table came to fruition.

The multi-media presentation will include a presentation from each student about the chair they created. The Ithaca College Park Scholars will assist with producing the presentation. The 15-minute show will run 2x through the evening and a number of students will be on hand during the evening.

Refreshments will be available. We will be asking for donations of refreshments so keep an eye out for a sign-up sheet.

We hope you will come out and support the students and learn more about the project and their stories!!