Babies First Appeal

Dear Members and Friends of First Unitarian of Ithaca,
Babies First has been doing good work for everyone in the Tompkins County area for almost thirty years.  Sue Rakow and Walt Peck are the current directors of the program, but we are just two in a long line of Ithaca Unitarians who have provided help to literally thousands of families over those many years.
What kind of help?  Car seats.  Pack ‘n Plays. Play centers.  High chairs. Strollers.  Gently used and new equipment of all types, which we provide, without cost and without question, to anyone who asks.  And boy do folks ask! Families down on their luck.  People who have come to Tompkins County from all over the world.  And local agencies of all sorts who have heard about us and depend upon us.
And this costs money.  Lots of money.  Though affiliated with First Unitarian of Ithaca, Babies First does not directly receive money from the operating budget.  Instead, we are funded through grants, fundraisers, and the generosity of so many of you.
The sad news is that we are running short of money.  For many reasons, the need for what we offer has skyrocketed in recent months. In just the last ten months, we have given away over 60 car seats alone; an item which we can only give away if purchased new.  And the cost is over $60 per car seat. 
So that is why we are making this special appeal to the congregation for your support. 

The ways to donate are listed below.
~To donate online, click here (please make sure to choose “Give to Babies First” from the first dropdown menu).
~Send a check to the church office with a note indicating that it is intended for Babies First. 
~Text your donation to 607 260-6616 with the amount + babies (e.g. “$25 babies”).

We accept donation of any amount. And we accept donations of lightly used equipment in good condition. though not car seats. Please contact Sue or Walt if you have some items that you can share. The Babies First phone number is (607) 269-5385.
 In this Holiday season of thanks and of giving, please consider us here at Babies First.  And think of the folks we benefit over and over.
Thank you,
Walt Peck and Sue Rakow