Pledge Season FAQ

We are deeply grateful to the members and friends who have already pledged their support to our 2022-23 campaign. We are doing well, but we need to hear from everyone. Frequently asked questions:

Do you really need my pledge?
Yes. In many UU congregations, all households pledge. Potential ministers look at the percentage of members pledging as a key strength of a congregation.

When do you need my pledge?
Now. The board of trustees needs to know how much income there will be for the 2022 – 2023 budget we will be voting on at the annual meeting in late May.

When do I pay my pledge?
Any time between July 2022 and June 2023. You can pay it weekly, monthly or all at once.

How important is the pledge campaign?
Very. More than 70 percent of our church’s income comes from annual pledges. Even when the pews were full, the collection plate only brought in 4 percent. And during the pandemic we have not been able to organize in-person auctions or sales, fundraisers that historically supplemented the annual pledge campaign (online auctions have been a help!).

How do I pledge?
Pledging is easy. Fill out and mail your pledge card, or pledge online here
or email your pledge to, or call 607-273-7521.