Update from the Board of Trustees

The FUSIT Board of Trustees will be providing a brief “Sense of the Board Meeting” report and sharing it through the weekly newsletter the week after a Board of Trustees meeting. The full meeting minutes will continue to be made available but this brief meeting summary is intended to keep the congregation tuned in to the activities and priorities of the Board.

Here is the “Sense of the Meeting” from the December 9 meeting, held on Zoom from 6:30-8:06pm.

Rev. Margaret opened the meeting by lighting a chalice.

Recognition: The Board extends congratulations to Rev. Margaret, who has been elected to serve as the Vice President for the St. Lawrence District UU Ministers Association (UUMA) chapter!
Healthy Congregation: Rev. Margaret has been putting together a Healthy Congregations Team, and hopes to have the first Team meeting before Christmas.

Vision of Ministry: The Board will hold a Balcony meeting in early January, prior to the regular monthly business meeting, to work on the 2021-22 Vision of Ministry. Input from the congregation about our direction for the coming year is appreciated! Please send ideas to Diana Nier (FUSIT Board Clerk) at diana.nier@gmail.com.

Financial Matters: Jennifer Streid-Mullen, our Treasurer, has determined what portion of our PPP loan will need to be repaid. Thank you to Jennifer for her work!
Sanctuary and Organ Repairs: The Board approved funding for repairs and improvements to the sanctuary, including additional insulation, new plaster, new paint, and updated LED bulbs in the three pendant lights.
FUSIT Service Auction: The ad hoc committee has chosen BiddingOwl as the software for the Auction. The committee will soon publish a list of specific volunteer opportunities. Help us grow into this new method of fundraising and community reinforcement, and remember: this year’s auction theme is LOVE!
The Board is also considering a raffle as a supplemental fundraiser. Please contact Matt Hare (FUSIT Board Vice President) at mph75@cornell.edu if you would like to participate in raffle planning.

Countering Structural Racism: The Board has scheduled a January retreat for the Board, Minister and Staff, and the Ministry Anti-Racism team, with the assistance of the Rev. Sunshine Wolfe.

Nominating Committee: There are currently two vacancies on the Nominating Committee, which were not filled at the June 2020 annual meeting. The Board will appoint candidates to those positions for a two-year pro-rated term from June 2020 to June 2022. If you would like to volunteer for the Nominating Committee, or would like to nominate someone (who is willing!), please contact Andy Turner (FUSIT Board President) at ast4@cornell.edu.

The next Board meeting will take place on January 13, 2021, from 6:30-8:00pm on Zoom.