UU Book BoUtiqUe is here for one more Sunday!

UU Book BoUtiqUe will be open and ready to provide you with choice books for your life, your holiday pleasure, and gift giving. We feature the best of Beacon and Skinner Presses.
As you may know, Beacon Press is a few years older than this church and has a remarkable
history in itself as a UU cornerstone and provider of excellent UU literature.
So purchases from the BoutiqUe not only support our church library, currently rehoused
and being reorganized, but also our own Beacon Press. Why Beacon Press? It has received rave reviews from folks as diverse as Cornell West, Howard Zinn, Albert Einstein and Daniel Ellsberg. Want to know what they said? You’ve got some reading to do and we’ve got just what you need. Come to the tables in the Parlor on Sunday, December 10, from 11:30-12:30!