Annual Meeting Results – May 31

At the Annual Meeting held on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, quite a number of important votes were held.  There were 56 members present who participated as well as some interested friends of the First Unitarian Society in attendance.

I. Approval of Minutes of last Annual Meeting, May 25, 2016 – passed

IV. Presentation of and Vote of 2017-2018 Budget – passed as presented after some discussion

V. Election of Nominees to Board of Trustees – Oliver Habicht, Wendy Salomon and Angela Zhang were each reelected to second three year terms and Marie Benedetti was elected to a one year term.

VI. Election of Nominees to Nominating Committee –  Micheline Contiguglia and Arthur Woll were elected to two year terms which leaves three open positions to be temporarily appointed by the Board of Trustees.

VII. Vote on proposed changes to Bylaws in light of our switch to Partnership Governance

    There were four categories of changes to be made:

          A)  Change number of Board Members from 12 to 9 – passed

          B)  Change from binary gender language to more inclusive language – passed

          C)  Changes in the ByLaws to reflect governance changes under Partnership Governance –


          D) Changes in numbering of the ByLaws as necessitated by the vote in C) – passed

VIII. Vote on proposed Congregational Covenant – passed as presented

IX. Vote on proposed congregational support of Single Payer Health Plan – passed