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Message from the Minister

By the time you read this, candidating week will be over and you will hopefully have called a new settled minister. It is an exciting time in the life of the congregation, and I know you have great expectations of your next minister. I would like to caution you, however, not to expect her to be the perfect minister. It is hard for a minister to be everything each of you wants them to be, and the expectations can be
quite high.
To illustrate this, I offer this definition of the perfect minister that has floated around the internet:
The perfect minister…
· Is 29 years old and draws upon 40 years of ministerial experience.
· Gives sermons that are thoroughly researched, intellectually challenging, deeply practical and will leave you in tears. And only 15 minutes long.
· Condemns injustice but never hurts anyone's feelings.
· Happily works for little pay (because after all it is a calling), wears professional clothes, maintains an extensive library, drives a good car, and tithes 10% to the church. And Habitat for Humanity.
· Is single with a nice family.
· Is a humanistic theist, with Buddhist and pagan influences most of the week, reverting to Christian and Hindu practices on weekends.
· Will meet with committees, congregants and community leaders on any day of the week, morning, noon and evening, and has good boundaries, nurturing their own self-care.
· Smiles all the time with a straight face, using a sense of humor to be seriously dedicated to church work.
· Makes 15 calls a day on church members, spends all spare time recruiting new members, and is never out of the office.
· Is GLB or T, from a minority race, grew up in and out of poverty, and is just like all of us.
I have every confidence you and Rev. Weis will have a long and fruitful ministry together. Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful month of May!
In faith,
Rev. Jane


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