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Message from the Minister

April’s theme is “Transformation.” As I write this, winter has just flung its last hurrah at us (at least I hope it’s its last!), and spring is just around the corner.

April is a month when the landscape around us is transformed. Those little flowers that tried to show their faces when it got so warm then got blasted with the cold again—they may try again, and others; their sisters and brothers. The new leaves will be coming out on the trees and the blossoms too. The hostas at the garden entrance to the church will reappear. The air will take on a different flavor, our skin won’t feel quite so dry, and the birds will be heard singing again.

In March, we welcomed a number of new members into our Society. We talked about the meaning of membership and how a true
commitment can change us, can transform us in ways we cannot foresee. The congregation provides a community to hold us and to love us just as we are, a kind of cocoon in which we can transform into the beautiful butterfly that’s inside us. My hope for you is that you may make or renew your commitment to this congregation and Unitarian Universalism, and find yourself growing in unexpected ways.

One great way to become more engaged and committed to Unitarian Universalism is to go to General Assembly. It’s the third week of
June and it’s in New Orleans this year! You can elect the new president of the UUA, participate in the governance of our denomination and attend lots of fantastic workshops. It can also be an opportunity to get to know the new settled minister, who will surely be there. I enjoyed having meals with Mark Pedersen in the Portland ’15 GA and getting to know him and through him, the congregation. Check it out at uua.org, or talk to me or Mark!

In faith,
Rev. Jane


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