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Religious Education (RE)

EDUCATION is our primary responsibility. A program of religious education for children and young people, from three year olds through high school students (with a nursery for infants), is held each Sunday morning. A variety of adult educational programs are provided by our Religious Education Council and are announced in our bi-monthly newsletter and in special brochures. Details of our educational programs are found in our annual religious education prospectus which may be obtained from our pamphlet racks or from the Director of Religious Education. We have children's education during the services. We have adult education at different times. Sometimes before the services and sometimes at other times.

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Religious Education Program for Adults, Youth & Children STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Religious growth and learning within our Unitarian Universalist congregation is a life-long search for inner peace and universal truths supported by a tolerant, diverse, and serving community. Our goals are to:

Empower individuals to think critically, act ethically, live with integrity, and respect self and others.

Encourage an understanding of the world's religions, cultures, and traditions.

Build a trusting and supportive environment as the foundation for a stimulating, intergenerational community.

Embrace our Unitarian Universalist heritage while sustaining and enriching personal beliefs, rituals, and religious traditions.

Foster an exploration of the mystery and celebration of life through experiences and learning within our Unitarian Universalist community.

THE CHURCH TEACHES BY WHAT IT DOES "Tangibilication" is a wonderful word: It is the art of making the abstract real. That is what Unitarian Universalists are trying to do in our life-span religious education program - helping people embody the values they profess. Sunday morning church school is a part of that religious education program, but only a part. Formal adult religious education is a part, but only a part. Our curriculum is that total of experiences, planned and unplanned, which we have living together in religious community. Religious education happens not only in classrooms and seminars, but in social hours, in chance encounters with one another, in embracing the grief-stricken and the newly-weds, in formal ritual and in informal conversation. It is a good thing too, for our children spend between 30 and 60 hours a year in church school, compared to an "average" child (surely every UU child is above average) who spends 4200 hours a year eating, sleeping and dressing, 1000 hours watching TV and listening to the radio and 900 hours in school. The church teaches by what it does. Thus, it behooves us to participate in the total program of this church: worship - the celebrating community; mutual ministry - the caring community; social responsibility - the community of moral discourse and action - as well as the learning community. The church teaches by what it does. The way we are with each other and the world is the most profound teaching we can do. Join us then, in the tangibilication of our religious faith. Richard S. Gilbert, former Interim Minister


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