Living the Pledge Workshop


9:30 am - 11:30 am

The Living the Pledge Workshop is a 12-hour virtual zoom workshop designed to give participants confidence in their ability to talk about and confront racism wherever it lives. The workshop is about 50% small group discussion, with the same small group throughout and beyond the workshop. Some pre-work is required, as is a commitment to attend all sessions.

The primary goal of this workshop is to develop confidence in our abilities to:
 Integrate the Pledge to End Racism into our daily lives
 Recognize and challenge systemic racism
 Confront racism and bias in our everyday lives, and
 Take leadership in ending racism in our community, our culture, and our lives

As part of the workshop, participants develop a community of support and an understanding of how to use support in deepening our work in building a just and equitable multicultural world.

The workshop is for everyone – for people who have:
 engaged in other anti-racism/multiculturalism training. This workshop is designed to take your understanding and your competency to a deeper level, connecting you with other community activists.

 never taken a class about racism. This workshop will challenge you to invest in and deepen your learning so you can put yourself on the road to intercultural competence.