Welcome New FUSIT Members

We would like to warmly welcome our newest members to the FUSIT community!

Alexis arrived in Ithaca in 2002 after several years of wandering, including farm work in California, AmeriCorps service in Indiana, bike repair in Wisconsin, education at Biosphere 2 in Arizona, and air transportation support at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. She fell in love first with Ithaca and then with a local man; punmaster, musician, and dad-extraordinaire Nate Clark, with whom she has two kind, creative kids: Ellie and Lulu. Alexis is a night owl, a Girl Scout, a fiber arts enthusiast, a frustrated gardener, a passionate environmentalist, and a procrasta-baker. After 20+ years working primarily in the field of education, she is pursuing a degree in nursing with the ultimate goal of working in hospice care. She came to FUSIT for the 2018 Winter Solstice service where she picked up one of those rainbow bookmarks and discovered she had been a UU all her life without knowing it. She is grateful for the warm welcome she has received here and although generally a reluctant joiner, she is excited to add her name to the book today.

Juliana has been living in the Ithaca area since 2010. She recently finished her Masters in Social Work and is excited to begin her career as a social worker in the Ithaca area. She has an 18 month old son, Jack, a sleepy bulldog, Sully, and a loving partner, Kevin. Juliana is looking forward to becoming part of the FUSIT community and thanks everyone for being so welcoming thus far.