Welcome New FUSIT Members

We would like to warmly welcome our newest members to the FUSIT community!

Corirose Benitez Anjali is a transformational coach and communication trainer with a passion for empowering people to shift from what’s wrong to what matters. As a queer Latina singer songwriter with a love of earth-based spiritual traditions she is elated to feel welcomed and at home in this covenant of community.

Wren Anjali, they/them pronouns, is dedicated to serving the Earth through sustainable living and facilitating nature connection experiences for people of all ages.  Wren believes it is imperative to raise our vibration through singing together, expressing our gratitudes, and telling life-giving stories in these challenging times.  Wren experiences a deep sense of belonging at FUSIT and is delighted to step into membership.

Kevin Moss has been attending services at FUSIT since 2010, and at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canandaigua prior to that. He has participated in Small Group Ministry and Men’s Group, and is looking forward to being more active and engaged as a Member! His interests include music, storytelling, cycling, hiking and science fiction/fantasy.

Beth Mudge is a retired nursery school teacher and longtime Ithacan. She comes from a United Methodist tradition. Beth enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with her husband. She is looking forward to becoming part of FUSIT.