Apply for the Pedersen Memorial General Assembly Scholarship

This scholarship was developed using funds donated to FUSIT in memory of Mark Pedersen. Mark loved attending General Assembly (GA) and wanted more members of FUSIT to attend GA as delegates. In his memory, we created this scholarship program to help defray the costs for registration and/or travel to General Assembly for those with financial need.

Each year, no more than $500-$1000 will be granted to applicants who apply.  The intent is that the funding be need-based, although FUSIT will not scrutinize applicant’s need.

The guidelines for this scholarship are as follows:

  • Each family can apply for support for up to 2 adults early registration fees (on or off-site).
  • Applications for other support will be seen as indication of level of commitment of individual and will not be assumed to replace a FUSIT grant (in other words, if you receive a work assignment that covers registration, you may still use the FUSIT money to defer travel/housing costs).  
  • No family will receive a grant 2 years in a row, and preference will be given to those who have not received FUSIT funding in the past. 
  • A team of 3, including the minister and at least one Board member, will review applications and approve the grants. 
  • Requests will be reviewed around April 20th of each year, and if there are later applications, they will be reviewed as received until the max for the year is granted.
  • All applicants who are granted funding must attend General Assembly as delegates on behalf of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca. See the guidelines for delegates here:

Apply here: Application form