December’s Side with Love Collection Results

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Snuggle Up side with love collection this past December. We collected:

36 Scarves

37 Pairs of Socks

34 Pairs of Gloves

52 Hats

15 Outerwear

6 Pairs of Earmuffs

2 Blankets

4 Misc.

All that totals up to 176 donated items. What a great result! 176 people will be warmer thanks to your generosity.

The items are going to the REACH Project. This innovative nonprofit oganization fights to give all individuals the respect and medical care they deserve regardless of stigmatized issues such as drug use or homelessness. Located in downtown Ithaca REACH operates a medical practice that provides medical services to all, regardless of their past or present issues. No one is ever turned away due to the inability to pay.

The REACH Project offer compassionate, low or free cost care to those in need

The REACH Clinic provides services that include but are not limited to Medication Replacement Therapy, Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment, Primary Care and Counseling. To learn more about then or donate visit this link:

Our items were placed in the waiting room of the REACH Clinic so that people in need can take the items they need to stay warm. Our community is lucky to have REACH providing such a great and charitable service, and lucky to have folks like you who donate to good causes. Thanks for helping this winter be warmer for those in need and showing the giving spirit this holiday season!